Home Staging



What is a Home Staging?

Home Staging is an industry that is just beginning to come into its own. It is the process of:

→ Transforming a home into a house for sale to attract potential buyers.
→ Preparing a home on the market for sale it becomes a product.

Using staging techniques will focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, more attractive product that anyone might want.
Unlike interior decorating, home staging is about neutralising décor and removing a client’s identity from a home, so that it appeals to buyers of all tastes and preferences.

Your best bet will be to actually improve the impression in your house first before you place your property on the market for sale.
When do you need a Home Staging Consultant?

You will need a Home Staging Consultant to provide important, impartial creative advice that could make all the difference in your attempts to sell your house and to ensure your home has the best possible chance of appealing to house hunters.

A Home Staging Consultant will know the market, so will be able to give an objective opinion on the state and style of your house. Again, perhaps you might not. Especially if you have lived in your home for a long period, it is very easy to become attached to a property. Home Staging Consultant does not have this attachment, and only has one, very simple aim, to make a house easier to sell.

It is important to know that Staging is a marketing to sell the space not the things. The following are facts in order to consider in hiring a Home Staging Consultant:

• Having problems selling your house; running out of time; can’t figure out why nobody seems to want to buy your place
• Disappointment when house hunters arrive at a property only to find it doesn’t meet their expectations.

You have to keep in mind that just because you like your home it doesn’t mean everybody else will. The reason is that taste is a very personal thing, and that your style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Staging a property, needs time and creativity to follow these important elements:

• to make sure that your house looks open, appealing and depersonalised,
• to create a neutral, light and appealing atmosphere inside the house
• to make sure it is suitable for whatever the market happens to be at the time,
• and the most crucial one is to present a house to look spacious and clean.

You must know that no matter which style you possess there is always a difference between a house that looks nice to be living in, and one that looks nice to move into; visitors may think your place looks very ‘homely’ and ‘lived in’, but that doesn’t mean they will want to live in it themselves. Potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the property besides looking for clean and well-presented properties, and you may not be able to create exactly the right impression on your own. This means the property needs to be depersonalised. Taste, as everybody knows, is an extremely individual thing, and if someone looks at your house and is confronted with anything too unique or personal, it is unlikely they will have the courage to buy the house and attempt to create their own individual environment.

However, as anyone who has searched for a house knows, luck plays a massive role in the house hunting game. It may be that the first people who come to visit your house love it, or it may be that the right people just never see your property, which can always happen even if it is in the best presentable state possible. Using a consultancy will, of course, not guarantee a sale, but you will be giving yourself the best possible chance, and it could be the most suitable resort if you need to sell a property quickly and you are lacking in time or universally appealing style.

What benefits you will get from Home Staging?

• A way to increase a home’s selling price and decrease selling time.
• The investment of staging in your home is less than a priced reduction on your home.
• The investment of staging in real estate’s listing is less than a priced reduction on their listings.
• The cost associated with staging is a drop in the bucket compared to a priced reduction.

• To give potential buyers an idea of what their new home would look like – the feeling of “love at first sight”.
• Allows the buyers to see where their furniture can be placed and how they can create a home in that property, you’ve got a sale!
• No emotional attachment to a property – able to give an objective opinion on the state and style of the property.

• Most of the buyers use the internet and/or magazines as the information source in their home search.
• Bad, too few or (even worse) no photos = no traffic.
• You only have once chance to make a first impression.
• Whether online or in person, you only have a few seconds to get their attention.
For more details and advice kindly contact our office for more helpful hints to help your property look better.